Check in and pitch access

Arrival and pitch occupation November to March

Our campsite is open all year round. However, from 1.11. - 31.03. the services are limited. This means, for example, no sales in the camping shop, no designated presence times at reception and only one of two sanitary facilities open. There is a 15% discount on the low season prices in winter. However, this is only for cash payment on site. If you pay by card, a small fee for the card commission will be charged.

For guests who wish to take up a pitch with us between 31 October and 31 March, the following applies with regard to check-in and payment:

  • Arrival and entry to the campsite is permitted from 12.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  • On site, the guest may choose a pitch from the possible pitches numbered 1-4 and 10-20 and move in independently. If the meadow terraces are wet/muddy, only pitches 1-4 or the night parking area may be used. If the meadow terraces are dry, pitches 10-20 may also be used. Electricity boxes are available on all terraces.
  • For registration / check-in, we will come by your house during the day and ask you to come to the reception, unless there are designated presence times on site. It is essential that you check in on the day of arrival.
  • If you have an urgent concern or need assistance on site, there is a bell / telephone number posted at reception.
  • Departure must take place between 8.00 and 12.00.

Important note on electricity

Please note that we have Swiss electricity connections at the campsite (no CEE plugs which fit into our sockets). This means that you will need a Swiss electricity adapter for the Euro or CEE plug in order to plug in at our campsite. The electricity fuse per pitch is 6 amps. You need to bring your own world or Swiss electricity adapter (no lending at the venue).